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Sound and Vision

St. Tropez

Deux couverts,
s'il vous plait.


Historical Montana

The Scenic Route

"I feel that I have planted many gardens inside my mind in my diverse travels and trials along my path. I am grateful for the opportunity to find the inspiration, new energy, ideas, skills and materials that allow me to cultivate and harvest them in such a satisfying way." W.A. Guy

 Guy's art is diverse, and reflects a sensual, colorful world often filled with iconic characters, scenes and landscapes derived from his fertile imagination...



W. A. Guy (Arden C. McClelland) has lived, studied, worked and painted in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Aix en Provence , Paris, Seattle, London, Billings and St Tropez.  Guy's art is diverse, and reflects a sensual colorful world often filled with iconic characters , scenes and landscapes derived from Guy's fertile imagination...

In the early part of his career, Guy's paintings (in various mediums, including acrylic , pastel, and oils) became a way to exercise the other side of his brain and relax. While he occasionally did commissions for his corporations, relatives and friends, his work was primarily personal. In the late 1980's while living in London, the manager of the framing gallery at the Royal Academy of Arts took an interest in Guy's works, and encouraged Guy to take his art more seriously, arranging for Guy to study for several years under private tutors.

Guy began his professional career in 1993 selling paintings and commissions to private and corporate parties in London introduced through his tutors and through local London galleries. Since then his paintings have been sold on line, through galleries, and by private commission.  Despite pursuing separate careers, Guy has been prolific as a painter and his work has been collected by private and corporate parties, and is included in such diverse collections as award winning restaurants, night clubs, banks, historical buildings, a cathedral, and museums. 

Guy is a featured artist on and has been on many ezines, and in print media. For example he was a featured artist (Jazz and Blues Series) on Nectarzine, a based cultural magazine which created new art by combining the work of contemporary artists, composers, poets, and essayists, all together at the same time. Most recently, Guy was a featured artist in NW Creative Arts Magazine.  


Guy developed a love for jazz from late night sessions in Paris in the 1970's. and his jazz and blues series includes dramatic images of icons of the period.



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